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Extreme Cams is a webcam community that allows you to interact with cam girls from all over the world. Extreme Cams is definitely more than just a webcam site, it's a real community, with functions that allow you to have fun with thousands of girls from all over the world in many different ways.

You can access the public chat zone and talk to girls from lots of different countries who speak many different languages and... once you've found the girl you like, you can invite her for a private chat. Another unique feature of Extreme Cams is the availability of the girls' phone numbers, lingerie, amateur videos, personalized photos, erotic stories and a lot more.

Find your ideal girl and contact her directly! All the contact details of the girls are real and individually verified by Extreme Cams.

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  1. How much does it cost to register?
  2. How do I register with Extreme Cams?
  3. What are the benefits of being registered and logged onto Extreme Cams?
  4. Once registered, can I cancel my account?
  5. Is my privacy secure?
  6. Is it safe to use my credit card?
  7. Can I pay by postepay?
  8. How much are the credits worth?
  9. How do I buy credits?
  10. If I forget my password, will I also lose my credits?
  11. Is there a support service if problems arise?
  12. Can I set up online dates with the girls?
  13. Can I ask for content such as personalized photos and videos?
  14. How do I go about watching a scheduled live show?
  15. How do I buy the photos, videos and private contact details of the girls?

How much does it cost to register?

Registering with Extreme Cams is completely FREE.

How do I register with Extreme Cams?

Registering as a webcam girl with is easy, fast and user-friendly.
Just follow the 8-step process to start working as a camgirl on Extreme Cams.

Note that if for any reason the registration procedure should be interrupted, you can resume it from where you stopped by simply logging onto the site. This will display a summary of your registration status. To complete the registration just click on “Complete model registration”.

What are the benefits of being registered and logged onto Extreme Cams?

By registering free of charge with Extreme Cams you'll be able to view all the girls' profiles, enjoy previews of their private porn photos and private porn videos, have immediate access to the public video chat zone and watch all the models live. You'll also be able to interact with them, chatting and commenting as they perform on cam. By registering with Extreme Cams you'll receive up-to-date news about the portal and your favorite girls.

Once registered, can I cancel my account?

If you want to cancel your registration with the site:

* Access the site
* Hover your mouse over "Profile" in the user menu at the top
* Click on “Cancel account” in the dropdown menu that appears

Notes: Remember that if you have accumulated earnings, cancelling the account means they will no longer be paid to you unless you have reached the minimum threshold for requesting payment.

Is my privacy secure?

We have been operating in the videochat sector for many years and are fully aware that the most important guarantee we MUST give our users is that their privacy will be protected. We have gained unequalled experience in the sector over the years and protect our users' sensitive data with the utmost care and confidentiality, complying faultlessly with current privacy laws. To view our privacy policy, click on the "Privacy" link at bottom of the site.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

We have the most advanced systems for ensuring the security of credit card transactions. Cardholder details are never forwarded to third parties but sent directly to the bank server in encrypted form using the SSL system. Credit card transactions are secure and guaranteed in accordance with current banking procedures and to top up your credits we work with industry giants that are world leaders in this field, including paysitecash, clickandbuy and verotel.

Can I pay by postepay?

Yes, definitely. Postepay is a rechargeable card marketed by Poste Italiane (Italian postal service) and is part of the Visa Electron network. Extreme Cams accepts payment by card belonging to this system, so there is no problem if you want to pay using postepay.

How much are the credits worth?

The value of credits varies according to the package you choose to purchase. Remember that the minimum standard price package is 200 credits, which you can buy for 24 Euros (0.12€ each), but there is also a super offer that allows you to buy 3500 credits for just 340 Euros (0.09€ each).

How do I buy credits?

You can buy credits by:

* credit card
* bank transfer

To buy credits:

* Login to the site
* Hover your mouse over “Credits” in the user menu at the top
* Click on “Buy credits” in the dropdown menu that appears
* Select your preferred payment method
* Complete the credit purchase procedure as instructed on the bank's page (normally by entering your credit card and cardholder details)

Note: we do not store your credit card details because the transactions are carried out directly by the various banks.

If I forget my password, will I also lose my credits?

Absolutely not. There is a procedure on the site that allows you to recover your password at any time. Your credit will remain unchanged and you won't lose a cent.If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it by clicking on “Forgot password?” next to the login box. Just complete the form with the email address you used when you registered and your password will be sent to you by email.

If you don't receive the email, it may have been classified as “spam” or “junk mail” by your email provider. Go to your webmail and check the junk mail and/or spam folders.

If you are not receiving emails from Extreme Cams, please read this guide.

Is there a support service if problems arise?

Yes, definitely. The support service for users and models is provided by contains a knowledgebase with all the information you need regarding the operation of the site and the services provided by Extreme Cams and a helpdesk will answer all your support questions within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Can I set up online dates with the girls?

One of the many unique features of Extreme Cams is that it allows you set up an online date with the models you find most attractive. Browse the pages of Extreme Cams and when you've found the most exciting girl, click on "Request Date" under the image on her profile. Fix a day and time and wait for the girl to confirm your request for an online date.

Can I ask for content such as personalized photos and videos?

Yes, definitely. The Extreme Cams video chat function provides ample opportunity to interact with the model, in addition to the individual private webcam shows. You can ask your favorite model to make a video with particular features, or take specific photos that you purchase after publication.
Please note that there is no obligation on the model to agree to produce personalized content, so some of them might exercise their right to refuse, but many of the webcam girls on Extreme Cams have lots of fun and are willing to create personalized photos and videos.

How do I go about watching a scheduled live show?

On Extreme Cams you can purchase a ticket to watch live shows taking place throughout the day and scheduled for future days. Yes, that's right, just as you do at the cinema or theatre or for a concert. You buy the ticket today and book your place to watch the show you're interested in. To check out the list of scheduled events, live shows and entertainment, login to the site, make sure you have enough credits to purchase the event, and click on the "Live Shows" button on the Navbar at the top. This same section allows you to buy a ticket for both the scheduled shows and for any live ones you may have missed, which you'll find in the archive.

How do I buy the photos, videos and private contact details of the girls?

To buy the content and contact details of your favorite model, just go to her profile. Within each camgirl profile, a few clicks will display all the private material the girl is offering for sale. To buy private material, login to the site, make sure you have the necessary credits to make the purchases you intend to make and find the profile of the girl you're interested in using the search box in the left-hand column. After entering the nickname and clicking on OK, you will be directed to the profile page. Click on the photo, video, or contact details you intend to purchase and a popup will be displayed showing the cost in credits. After viewing the cost, if you're still interested, click on OK to complete the purchase. Remember that the material you purchase will remain in your purchase summary and you'll be able to view it whenever you like.

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